Transform your business through infrastructure, applications modernisation

Congratulations! Your organisation has migrated its legacy applications and data to the AWS Cloud to take full advantage of the many operational and business benefits cloud-based workloads have to offer. That’s a huge accomplishment because you’ve relocated your business-critical workloads to an environment that empowers you to leverage the higher-level services provided by cloud-based deployments. This is where your modernisation journey truly begins.

Modernising your on-premises VMware infrastructure after migrating critical workloads from the data centre to AWS makes it easier for your organisation to innovate and speed up development of next-generation applications. Your VMware workloads are now running in the lowest latency, highest bandwidth environment, creating the ability to scale cloud-based resources to meet demand gives you the flexibility to respond quickly to market challenges and opportunities and the agility to instantly enable employees to securely work remotely.

When you modernise your IT infrastructure, you gain better control over applications, data, and infrastructure, helping you to reduce costs associated with licensing, software patches, maintenance, and capacity and infrastructure upgrades. Modernisation frees your IT staff from operational burdens, liberating them to work on higher-value tasks that support the organisation’s strategic goals.

Most critically, modernisation allows your organisation to compete effectively in the digital age. A modernised, cloud-based infrastructure and cloud-native applications make it easier for your organisation to gain access to critical data than can inform strategic business decisions. And by modernising your cloud-native applications, you can offer powerful digital services that enhance the user experience while also improving business performance.

But protracted modernisation initiatives that take months or years can leave organisations vulnerable, costing them time and money, diverting IT resources and impacting productivity and efficiency. Worse, it leaves your organisation vulnerable to falling behind competitors.

VMware Cloud Speeds

VMware Cloud (VMC) is the fastest, lowest-risk path to modernising your on-premises VMware infrastructure, taking you from the data centre to AWS 200+ native services in a matter of weeks – not months or years. Not only can VMC accelerate your organisation’s business transformation – boosting business agility while allowing you to maintain business continuity – it can modernise your IT department, enabling IT professionals to migrate their VMWare knowledge to AWS as part of their journey to the cloud.

Integrating VMC on AWS with cloud-native services such as Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) and Amazon FSx (file service system for workloads) enables cost savings and innovation by eliminating compatibility issues between environments, shortening time to value, and providing you with the ability to right-size economically through on-demand capacity and flexible consumption as a service.

IT modernisation with VMC on AWS dramatically lowers infrastructure costs. The average organization saves 31% on infrastructure by migrating and modernizing through VMC and AWS. In addition, customers of VMC and AWS are seeing an average 62% increase in staff productivity and a 43% reduction in security incidents. A 4x increase (as high as 16x) in AWS Native Service consumption has been noted across current VMC on AWS customers

Once you’re comfortable operating in a cloud environment, you begin to leverage more open-source technologies and shift operating models away from waterfall to DevOps, accelerating the process of application modernisation.

With VMC on AWS powered by Intel® Xeon® scalable processors, you can use the same VMware technologies and tools your team already knows—both on-premises and in the AWS Cloud—while unlocking advanced capabilities through native AWS services. The end result is a complete, cost-effective transformation that powers your organisation’s innovation today and into the future.