Get more flexibility and value out of your SAP investments with the world’s most secure, reliable, and extensive cloud infrastructure

For IT leaders, innovation is at the heart of their constant drive toward increased competitive advantage. But it can also become a source of preoccupation, as they strive to align their organisation’s unique workload requirements with the best tools available.

The support AWS and Intel can offer SAP customers is based on providing more flexibility and greater value, which are achieved through a combination of secure, reliable and extensive cloud infrastructure, innovative AWS services and purpose-built SAP automation tools.

Global Infrastructure Enables Innovation

The AWS Global Cloud Infrastructure offers more than 200 cloud-native services from data centers globally. With 84 Availability Zones across 26 geographic regions — 2x as many regions with multiple availability zones as the next closest cloud provider. This offers customers the ability to easily deploy application workloads, or build and deploy specific applications closer to the end-user requirements with near-zero latency. But that’s just the start.

Millions of active customers running every imaginable use case on AWS — including more than 5,000 running SAP on AWS — allows AWS to offer proactive support for organisations on their journeys to modernise development, operations, and applications — and, ultimately, the business itself.

Whether they are looking to lift and shift existing SAP applications to reduce costs, migrate to SAP S/4HANA, or innovate with AWS services, AWS together with Intel gives customers maximum choice to get more value out of their SAP applications and data. Customers can take advantage of this infrastructure footprint to build highly available SAP systems far more easily and cost-effectively than is possible on-premises.

By adopting a cloud-based model, organisations like Moderna Therapeutics can both optimise SAP workloads and achieve cost savings. Breaking the upgrade-and-refresh cycle for enterprise workloads by delivering all the capacity, performance and scale ever needed in the cloud, AWS converts IT from a cost center to an innovation engine. Further, by combining their investments in SAP software with AWS cloud services, Moderna can innovate faster and operate more efficiently.

Innovation in Action

Innovation is at the heart of pharmaceutical development. In Moderna Therapeutics’ case, innovation and speed became even more critical once COVID-19 hit. Developers of mRNA-based drugs that include a COVID-19 vaccine, the company had SAP S/4HANA ERP as the cornerstone of its infrastructure. Moderna needed to support powerful, scalable computing as well as automation and enterprise-wide data integration. Chief Digital Officer Marcello Damiani says the AWS Cloud is key to the flexibility and agility that has helped Moderna accomplish so much in such a short time. “AWS is a great platform for innovation, because it’s so simple to just try new things and see how they work for you,” says Damiani.

With AWS, Moderna has been able to speed up preclinical drug development, thanks to AWS’ computational and integration capabilities, while avoiding millions in on-premises data-center costs.

“Using AWS has been an important tool to help us grow quickly,” says Damiani.

An additional benefit of migrating the SAP workload to the cloud is the ability to unlock the potential for new business insights by integrating decades of customer and transactional data in SAP systems with data from other enterprise systems.

Thanks to a broad-ranging set of analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning and scalable database options that AWS can deploy, organisations can leverage their business data to drive new and differentiated experiences for employees and customers, driving real change in their business.

The ultimate goal for AWS is to help transform an organisation into a customer-centric, digitally savvy enterprise that is capable of responding to the demands of today’s market and to prepare for the challenges of tomorrow.