For thousands of companies all over the world, SAP has been an integral and critical part of their business for years.

Many of these companies are now using the cloud to transform their SAP workloads and dramatically reimagine their business.

Modernising SAP opens a whole new realm of possibilities. Migrating SAP to AWS drives new levels of efficiency and innovation.

All around the globe, SAP customers are transforming traditional on-premises and legacy SAP workflows on AWS to get more from their SAP investments and future proof their businesses. Although these transformation journeys differ, the needs of each are being met by solutions from AWS and AWS Partners, like Syntax.

Running SAP on AWS can have a significant positive impact on overall TCO, which is realised by implementing new processes for governance and management of the SAP infrastructure running on AWS and by leveraging specific third-party tools that optimise SAP deployments on AWS.

In this eBook, you can also learn more about how to ensure a smooth migration process.